Víctor F. Breña-Medina

Department of Mathematics
Full Time Professor
(+52) 55 5628 4000 ext. 3819

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A bit about me

I was born the Día de Muertos in the Mexico City, this is a national holiday whose essence is gathering family and friends to remember our beloved relatives and friends who have passed away. Contrarily to what would be believed, remembrance is achieved throughout joy more than regret. This celebration is a very interesting mixture of pre-Columbian cultures and the Spanish one, not only oneself can enjoy of the characteristic Mexican colours and scents, product of cultures clash, but also see outstanding adornments in cemeteries made of petals and traditional dishes.

I am strongly keen on travelling to the nearest beautiful landscape I can find. I am also an avid fan of films and music. Also, I have a particular interest in food, so not only cooking is a pleasure for me, but also I am quite fond of hunting for places, either public houses and restaurants, where eating and drinking may be a splendid experience.

I have a weakness for comics though; here are some links that make my mornings time to time: XKCD, SMBC, and Abstruse Goose. I follow comedians as Matt Parker, who definitely knows how to make laughs with maths; here is a great sketch. Also, I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; here is a link to a Roger Gracie clip - probably one of the best competitors in the world.

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